Education Profile
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This is my Academic Path
Maths and Computacional Science | Engineering PhD

Agents, Reasoning and Knowledge

Intelligent Systems and Big Data

Abeerden | Scotland

Abeerden | Scotland, UK
Computacional Science | Pos Doctoral Degree

Pos Doctoral Engineering 

Artificial Intelligent Systems

FCT Nova | Portugal

FCT Nova | Lisbon, Portugal
Education | PhD Doctor Philosophy in European Science Education

Ed.D European Science 

UAB, Barcelona | ULHT, Lisbon

 Cataluña and Portugal

Barcelona, Spain
Geophysics and Geomathematic | Graduation

Educational and Scientific degree 

FCT | Coimbra, Portugal

FCT | Coimbra, Portugal
Psychology Science | Master Pos Graduation

Psychology and Analysis 

FCT | Coimbra, Portugal

FCT | Coimbra, Portugal
Science and Technology | Secondary Degree

Science Techonology

Coimbra, Portugal

Liceu D.Duarte | Coimbra, Portugal
Other certifications training programs

Lead developer and devops engineer for a large-scale Artificial Intelligence-based maths homework tutor for Algebra, Trigonometry, and Statistics college textbooks. 

Linux Kernel Development (LFD103)

I'm Proficient in C and Shell language with experience in kernel development. Configure and development a system, writing kernel patches, commit logs, send patches and work with kernel system.

Linux Foundation Certification
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Certification

I've skills in analytics using open source and SAS tools exhibiting knowlegde in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Model Forecasting Optimization

I'm a Specialist in Machine Learning, in Forecasting and Optimization and also in Natural Language Processing with Computer Vision

SAS® Certified Professional
Professional Scrum™ for Software Development (APS-SD)

I'm a professional certified in knowledge to build complex software products using Scrum in real world situations.  I've ability to work in Sprint with complex creative development.

SCRUM Certified Professional
ECDL RG PT 037123

Certified with ECDL - European Computer Driving License nº32698

International Knowledge in Informatics Training Programs

Certification EDF 32698/2004
Trainer CCPFC / RFO - 20163/06 - Practice of Counselling and Educational Guidance

I'm recognized certified Trainer from Minho University in Pedagogy and Systematic Online Training Programs and also in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Programs.

University Minho, Braga
PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®

I've a certification in agile practices with Hans-on experience and skills. With this skill I can increase versatility to may projects

PMI Certified Professional